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Barmouth License Application

Eva Amour’s License application

Sex Shop License – Gwynedd Council potentially about to take away all the checks and balances that I think we all wanted.

I am sorry to raise this issue again and hopefully now people have seen what we have done to the Old Butchers (see picture), their minds are put at rest and the fear of the unknown has now disappeared. I know we have had loads of support both from customers and people passing.

Sex Shop licenses are granted for a year, and Gwynedd County Council were not legally able to grant or deny a license until now.

The Council were about to hear last year’s license application next Wednesday however have postponed the hearing after we pointed out that this was carried out illegally and the submissions made then would also not allow people to comment on how they feel now and not last year.

The council were about to recommended to the Sub Committee that the License application should be rejected based on illegally collected submissions.

The council have not considered that we own the building, and our online businesses mean that the shop takings are an addition and not essential to the success of the business. If we don’t get a license we will still be here, the same products behind the shop front but no access.

If the council don’t grant us a license, then:

A shop closes on the high street and those that would have traveled and spend money with us, and other businesses while they are here won’t come. These are everyday people, just like the many locals that have already shopped with us.

The window display and indeed the name above the shop would not have the checks and balances offered by a license. Effectively we could then use this to display products, advertise our other more risqué and racey online businesses as long as we don’t break the law. I must point out that this is NOT what we ever want to do.

It is likely that we would lose a full-time member of staff and not need to employ year-round and seasonal part time staff. The flat above the shop would no longer be needed for discounted staff accommodation and would need to be turned into yet another AirBnB.

Covid taught retailers many tricks such as click and curb side collections. This could be an option, but how seedy would that look! It could be possible that we might be able to open as a gallery or something similar where you can only look but not buy.. walk out and buy online and then come back in to click and collect. These sorts of options really aren’t what we want, and I don’t think others do either.

We have always wanted to work closely with the council and the local community, have the checks and balances that come with a license.

So, what can you do about it? 

Petition your local County Councillor.

Petition your Town Councillors.

If you objected and now have changed your mind, you can approach the licensing team and ask for your objection to be withdrawn…. But be quick as they could reschedule a hearing at any time.

Sign our petition by following this link

Please don’t let the council take away your checks and balances over the shop.

Can I also take this opportunity to thank all those that have shown support and made us feel so welcome, our neighbouring businesses who have been fantastic and the local tradespeople who have worked so hard for us.