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Barmouth License Application

Eva Amour’s License application

We have applied for a license to open a shop in Barmouth, trading under the name Eva Amour. We really don’t like the terminology, but the license is called a sex shop license, which conjures up thoughts of a dark seedy 1970’s shop frequented by men in long coats buying Videos and magazines!

Obviously, the industry has moved on since those days, but the name of the license has not.

Eva Amour is a high-end Adult Boutique, selling products that enhance and promote sexual health and wellbeing, which can positively impact on people’s mental health.

Summary of positive reasons about Eva Amour in Barmouth.

  • Bringing employment to the area.
  • All year-round trade and not just seasonal
  • Welsh Company
  • Solvent and a proven trading record over the past 10 years
  • Support Local and national Welsh suppliers for products and associated products and services such as packaging.
  • Proving products which enhance and promote sexual health and wellbeing, which positively impacts on mental health.
  • Will support the local Post Office. The company currently spends £47,000 a year on postage costs.
  • Growing business showing year on year growth.
  • Will be a destination shop, attracting customers from a wide catchment area, who may then visit other local businesses.
  • A modern, bright and welcoming boutique shopping experience.

A great article about our industry:

We welcome communication about this application by phone email or zoom. We are happy to discuss any concerns that you may have. We believe that an open and honest dialogue is a healthy approach.

Tel 01978 437 680

email [email protected] 

Zoom, please email us to arrange a meeting.

Sex Shop License – Eva Amour

6 St Annes Square, High Street, Barmouth, LL42 1DL

About DD Trading (NW) Ltd.

DD Trading (NW) Ltd has been trading for approximately 11 years. We specialise in providing adult sexual health and pleasure products to thousands of customers and hundreds of other adult stores across the world. 

As well as our online retail outlet, we also have a wholesale company dedicated to providing adult products to stores within the UK and throughout Europe. 

DD Trading (NW) Ltd currently employs 3 full time members of staff and 1 part time member of staff. We are also currently looking for a new team member to join the company. 

We have not only survived various market dips, recessions and lockdowns, but we have actually grown and increased in turnover during these uncertain times.

Our business is a year-round business, not just operating within the summer season. We are primarily online based and we have proved over the last 10 years that our business model works. We would be moving from a double unit on an industrial estate, just outside of Wrexham to take the next step forward to allow our customers to visit in store. We often get asked whether we would open a physical store, so we are answering the call that we have heard. 

We are a proud Welsh company and believe in sourcing locally where possible. A number of our own products are fabricated within the North Wales area, and this is something our customers really love.

Adult stores are generally destination stores and we believe that by opening in Barmouth, we could potentially bring in more tourists to the area, particularly out of season. 

We also intend to become a part of the community, and we would want to promote local events via our social media channels to help draw tourists into the area. 

Opening in Barmouth would allow us to bring employment into the area with a year-round, sustainable and proven business-model. 

According to a recent American study, half of women use pleasure products, and many couples now opt for pleasure products rather than more traditional gifts for Valentine’s Day, so there’s certainly a market there! 

Our Window display

We know that some people can be offended by seeing adult pleasure products and lingerie on display, and for this reason, we believe it is much better to use our window display in other ways. 

Firstly, our window display would be boxed so that passers by could not see into the shop. This would prevent wandering eyes and those underage from seeing inside and help shoppers inside feel more at ease. 

We intend to use our window display to be based around love and relationships. We would decorate the display using our branding and with props such as hearts, statues, columns and pictures and posters of couples together. We would design it in a way that creates an upmarket-boutique feel and fit within the style of our brand. We would use the window display as more of an art piece reflecting emotions of love, and not as a place to thrust products into the faces of passers by. See attached examples and mood board.


Access to our store would not be through the existing front door of the shop. We intend to create a new access route, which would see customers enter through the corridor of the flat and into the shop via a door to the right of this inside. This dog-leg style entrance helps us to control who may and may not enter and stops passers by “popping their heads around the door” or those that “accidentally” enter the shop. It would also allow us to prevent under 18’s from entering the store. See attached floor plan.


The shopfloor features a front and back area. No DVDs, Magazines or R18 material will be sold in our store at all. The shop counter will be just inside the door, allowing us to monitor customers who enter and allowing us to perform age checks if required. See attached floor plan.


The first floor will see offices for staff to operate our well established online side of the business. Staff will be able to easily pop to and from the offices if needed and there will be a direct telephone line between the two. 

Age Restrictions

Nobody under the age of 18 will be allowed inside under any circumstances. ID will be required for those who look under 18 and we will be operating a strict Challenge 25 policy. No products will be sold to minors at all. 


CCTV will be fitted throughout the store, protecting our customers and keeping the store secure. 

There will be cameras near to the main entrance giving us notice when someone is about to enter the store and helping us to prepare for any age checks that may be required. 

Sexual and Mental Health

We plan to offer sexual and mental health support within the store too, in the way of workshops and support sessions. We hope to involve local sexual health and mental health services to provide our customers and the community a safe place to come and chat about these issues. 

Sexual health can often affect mental health, so adult products can be beneficial to our happiness and wellbeing. We like to say that we sell happiness!


Our brand is an up-market, boutique-style adult store, where we focus on high quality products. We try to source ethically as much as we can to ensure that our customer’s pleasure isn’t at someone else’s misery.  We do not sell cheap, tacky, novelty items, but more Apple-esque style products. 

Our brand, Eva Amour, has the tagline Love Life. We sell products for our customer’s love life and we also want our customers to love life!

At Eva Amour, we don’t believe in the “sex shop” stereotype of seedy shops with tacky products. Our store will be designed in a fresh, modern style. We don’t refer to our products as “sextoys”, but more as “pleasure products”. We believe that the days of walking down a back alley and through a dark doorway to pick up some dirty magazines are long gone, and we want to bring our new, fresh approach of adult products to Barmouth.