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***UPDATE - 23/3/20***

Due to the government's updated information on 23/3/20, we have asked all employees to remain at home in accordance with the social distancing and self-isolation guidelines.

All employees that have been asked to remain at home are being paid full pay.

The only people now allowed at our premises are the Directors of the company who both live in the same household. No courier or outside visitor is allowed inside the building and we have enforced non-contact deliveries.

We are still trading as normal, as the directors will be taking the role of other employees for the time being.

Orders will be processed as they usually would, unless there are further updates and guidelines set out by the government.

Thanks for your support and cooperation.





Covid-19 and Eva Amour.


Eva Amour would like to state that we are taking our staff and customer's health seriously by reducing the risk of spreading Covid-19 by implementing procedures within the company.

These procedures are designed to minimise the risk that the virus poses to our office and warehouse team members, and to minimise the risk to our customers, so that customers can shop confidently without the need to worry.


Firstly, we have instructed any member of the team to leave the warehouse or office immediately if they begin to feel ill. They will be instructed to self-isolate and to remain off work for at least 7 days, or until they have recovered (whichever is longer). During this period, team members will be paid full pay and not statuary sick pay, so they will not be penalised for being off work.


We are regularly checking with team members to make sure they are fit and well by one-to-one chats. We are also taking temperatures of every team member at least once a day to monitor their health. If any team member is above normal, they will be asked to leave immediately and self-isolate according to government guidelines.

All team members have been instructed to wash hands regularly and use hand sanitiser that we have installed throughout our office and warehouse.

We are minimising the risk by restricting the amount of people visiting our offices and we are reducing the amount of deliveries where possible to reduce exposure with other people outside of our offices.

We are also sealing products that do not come in packaging in plastic wrapping where possible to avoid any sort of contamination during shipment.


We would like to take this opportunity to let you know that it is still business as usual, and we will continue to process orders unless government advice says otherwise, or other factors force us to close.

Thank you for your support and cooperation during this uncertain period.