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Three questions to answer before you choose a vibrator

Three questions to answer before you choose a vibrator

Vibrators, like bodies, come in all shapes and sizes, so choosing a vibrator that’s right for you can sometimes be confusing.


At Eva Amour, we know that not every sex toy will suit every person, and with new innovations coming… (excuse the pun!) onto the market all the time, the choice can be a little overwhelming.

If you’re new to buying sex toys, we’ve come up with three big questions to think about which will help you choose a vibrator that you’ll be able to enjoy over and over again.



Where do you want to put your vibrator?

This may sound obvious but deciding which bit of your body is going to be stimulated is the first step. Vaginal, anal, clitoral and external areas all have vibrators that are designed specifically to stimulate them. 

Vibrators can be divided into ones that are designed to be put inside you (internal vibrators) and ones designed to stimulate the external body areas (external vibrators).


Internal vibrators may be designed to simulate vaginal or anal sex, or shaped to stimulate the g-spot, or p-spot (the prostate). 

External vibrators can include smaller bullet style clitoral vibrators that focus on a small area or wands and other shaped vibrators that have bigger surface areas to stimulate larger areas such as the vulva or perineum. 


For those of you that want ALL the stimulation and sensations, dual vibrators that stimulate internally AND externally are the choice for you. Designed to stimulate two areas at the same time, the most well-known dual vibrator is the rabbit vibrator which stimulates the vagina and the clitoris, but there are also dual vibrators designed for vaginal and anal play or anal and clitoral play.


A simple bullet is great for beginners. Try the glamorous Rocks Off Coco.

The Popsicle Raspberry Ripple is a fun, simple vaginal vibrator.


What kind of stimulation do you like?

Once you know where you want to put your vibrator, it is now time to decide on what kind of stimulation you want: vibrating, thrusting or suction?

Getting to know your body and understanding your sensitivity levels and preferences will 

help you choose the right kind of vibrator and stimulator.

Do you prefer feather-light teasing on your clitoris or do you need a firmer touch to get off? Some people find direct G-spot stimulation overwhelming and others find it a must for orgasm.


Taking the time to understand your body, what turns you on and what you enjoy will mean you’ll be better placed to choose the vibrator most likely to give you amazing orgasms.

Standard vibrators (the ones that purely vibrate) are the most common type of vibrators and include a host of different sizes and ranges of intensity from buzzy to rumbly.

Thrusting vibrators are typically used internally to mimic the thrust of penetrative sex.


Suction or air pressure vibrators that simulate the feeling of oral sex are relatively new to the market and have had rave reviews, and are known for intense, pinpoint stimulation. These are also known as clitoral stimulators.

Most vibrators today come with a variety of stimulation patterns and intensities. Choosing a multi-speed, multi-pattern toy is a great way to experiment with different types of stimulation and helps you to find out whether you prefer constant vibrations or pulses of stimulation, and which speed and intensity gets you off.


For rumbly, intense external stimulation try the Doxy Wand Massager


Try suction clitoral stimulation with the Satisfyer Travel Pro.


Play with clitoral and anal stimulation with the Jil Sofia.


Experience anal and vaginal stimulation with the Jil Hayden.


The classic rabbit gets a makeover with the Vive Nim.



What’s your budget?

We stock vibrators that vary in price from beginner to high end. At the beginner end of the price range, you’ll find bullet vibrators and simple vaginal vibrators suited to those looking to start their journey into the world of vibrators. At the higher end, wand massagers and clitoral stimulators are perfect for those who know exactly what they want. 

If this is your first time choosing a vibrator, we suggest you start with a low to a mid-range priced vibrator. Spending a lot of money on something and not enjoying it isn’t great, especially something as intimate as a sex toy!


Choosing the perfect vibrator doesn’t need to be daunting. In fact, many people find that there isn’t one perfect sex toy and over time they choose different toys for different experiences and sensations.

Taking the time to answer these three questions will help you choose a vibrator that you’ll enjoy over and over again!


If you’d like more guidance please open the chatbox and ask a question!

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