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Vampire Crop with Spikes

Price: £21.98
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  • Weight:
    0.500 Kgs
  • Stainless steel and leather riding crop
  • One smooth surface, the other with sharp metal pin prick spikes
  • Keep them guessing which side will be coming next...
  • Heavy weight and well balanced
  • Total length - 63 cm
  • Includes leather wrist cord
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Detailed description



The Vampire Crop is a vicious stainless steel and leather riding crop which is strong, sturdy and balanced, making it feel great in the hand.

The evilness of this riding crop lies in the leather paddle surface at the end. On side is plain and smooth perfect for a nice slap, but other side is covered with small, sharp metal spikes!

They may puncture the skin slightly, so you have been warned! 


This crop is perfect for playing mind games with your partner, both for the them and for you. First, caress the skin of your partner with the sharp spiked surface. They will probably fear the worst, brace for the impact and/or resist what they think is about to happen. If you then use the smooth side for the real thing, you can see them relax and then enjoy the impact.


Length 63 cm, with leather wrist cord/ hanging cord.